Top 15 Funny 4th of July T-Shirts

4th of July! Who doesn't love the 4th? Nothing beats a day filled with pretty much no cares other than eating hot dogs & watermelon, drinking lemonade & beer... but most importantly lighting hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks off all night long while hopefully keeping all of your fingers.

Appropriate attire is key to the perfect day. While we now have over 70+ different 4th of July themed T-Shirts here at m00nshot, we've nailed down our top best selling tees for your vieweing pleasure.

1. Just Here to Bang T-Shirt

Just Here to Bang T-Shirt - 4th of July

The classic! A timeless, very funny 4th of July fireworks inspired T-Shirt for those who always show up ready to bang.

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2. Back Up Terry T-Shirt

Back Up Terry T-Shirt - 4th of July

Back up, Terry! Put it in reverse. A festive firework T-Shirt inspired by the classic Back up, Terry meme.

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3. Fireworks Director I Run, You Run T-Shirt

The 4th of July T-Shirt for all the head hanchos out there, put in charge of the neighborhood block party fireworks extravaganza.

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4. Ben Drankin T-Shirt

Ben Drankin T-Shirt

Ben Drankin! Here's the perfect drinking T-Shirt for 4th of July or any other place where drankin is done. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin and red party cups nationwide.

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5. Too Cool For British Rule T-Shirt

Too Cool For British Rule T-Shirt

A patriotic meme tee for those too cool for British Rule. Complete with the thug life meme sunglasses.

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6. Merica AF 1776 T-Shirt

Merica AF 1776 T-Shirt

Merica AF. Since 1776. A simple, stylish design with a bit of vintage flair.

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7. Safety Third T-Shirt

Safety Third Fireworks T-Shirt

Safety Third! A very funny T-Shirt featuring a great 4th of July motto for independence day fireworks celebrations nationwide. Or for any time of the year when safety should come third and the danger of a lost finger lurks.

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8. Meri-caaaaaw T-Shirt

Meri-caaaaaw T-Shirt

On of our favorites. An American theme mashed up with a retro Eagle.

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9. If You Ain't First, You're Last T-Shirt

If You Ain't First You're Last T-Shirt

A funny patriotic graphic tee inspired by George Washington with some funky retro vibes.

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10. The Colonies Are Quite Rowdy Today T-Shirt

Thte Colonies Are Quite Rowdy Today T-Shirt

A funny 4th of July American T-Shirt inspired by the Queen of England. We bet you read that in old lady voice.

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11. Beavis Fire T-Shirt

Beavis Fire T-Shirt

Fire! A funny Beavis inspired T-Shirt design complete with fireworks flair. Perfect for 4th of July festivities or displaying appreciation of fire all year round.

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12. Joe Dirt's Fireworks Stand

Joe Dirt's Fireworks Stand T-Shirt

The most epic of all fireworks T-Shirts ever made. Inspired by Joe Dirt. Black Cats, Roman Candles, Screaming Mimis, Lady Fingers, Fuzz Buttles, Snicker Bombs, Church Burners, Finger Blasters, Gut Busters, Zippity Doo Das, Crap Flappers, Whistlin' Bungholes, Spleen Splitters, Whisker Biscuits, Hoosker Doos & Dont's, Cherry Bombs, Nipsy Dazers & Whistlin' Kitty Chasers.

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13. Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! T-Shirt

Oh snap! The perfect tee for the 4th of July. Inspired by the old school snap poppers we all grew up with. You know the ones your parents told you to STOP throwing when you were in the back seat of the station wagon at the gas station. (okay maybe that was just us)

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14. Go Shorty It's Your Birthday

Go Shorty It's Your Birthday T-Shirt

Go Shorty... It's Your Birthday! A funny USA graphic T-Shirt for the 4th of July inspired by America's Birthday.

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15. The Spirit of '76'!

The Spirit of '76 T-Shirt

A patriotic design inspired by The Spirit of '76. With some retro 70s ish vibes. Not exactly funny, but this tee has class and is one of our favorite new designs this year.

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And there you have it folks. We hope this list has put you in the mood for Indendence Day. Armed with these recommendations, you can now officially celebrate in style.