25 RAD T-Shirts 80s Action & Fight Movie Fans Will Love

80s Action Movies! In our opinion, it was the decade that established the genre. The 80s in particular were a very special time in action movie history that were absolutely filled with legendary quotes, plots, scenes and characters that live on in our memories to this day.

We’ve pilfered through several of the designs here on m00nshot and chosen our top 25 favorite 80s action & fight movie t-shirts. We're big fans of some of the more random & obscure fan art parody references and mashups.

Here we go...

1. Contra Action Heroes Parody

Contra Action Heroes T-Shirt

Looking back now at the box cover of the Contra game, it's pretty obvious that they were trying to do their best to get these 2 legends as player 1 and player 2. This tee is a "what if" tribute to the cinema adaptation of Contra that we all wanted. This would have been the action movie of all action movies.

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2. Sho'nuff All Star

Sho'nuff All Star

An epic mashup parody featuring Sho'nuff (The Shogun of Harlem) mashed up with old school Chuck Taylor Converse design. Kiss my converse!

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3. Buddy Revell's Brass Knuckle Co.

Buddy Revell T-Shirt

When in need of some brass knuckles for an after school fight, rely on the Buddy Revell Co. for quality. This epic parody was inspired by Buddy Revell, the bully from Three O'Clock High. What ever happened to that guy?

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4. Burton's Gym

Jack Burton's Gym - Big Trouble in Little China

Jack Burton's Gym. It's all in the reflexes. A pretty rad parody T-Shirt inspired by Big Trouble in Little China.

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5. Lincoln Hawk's Long Haul Trucking Co.

Lincoln Hawk - Over The Top

Only in the 80s could a movie be made about an arm wrestler who’s fate of winning custody of his son relied on the outcome of an arm wrestling competition.

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6. Kick Ass Bubble Gum

They Live Bubble Gum T-Shirt

The perfect shirt to wear when you feel like chewing bubble gum but you're all out of bubble gum. A throwback parody inspired by They Live and an old school bubble gum brand.

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7. T-800 Employee of the Month

T-800 Terminator T-Shirt

Hey look, it's the T-800, Cyberdyne Systems employee of the month for May 1984. The finest of the Skynet line. He may have failed his initial mission, but thanks to leaving parts of himself around after he was crushed in a hydraulic press, Judgment Day stayed right on track. For that, job well done sir!

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8. Cobra Kai Body Bags

Cobra Kai Body Bags

Get him a body bag, yeeeeeah! This is by far one of our most favorite parody designs. Inspired by the fight scene between Daniel and Johnny when Tommy yells his classic line. Notice the body bag wrapped up in the cobra tail. It's that type of attention to detail that makes this design unlike any other Cobra Kai shirt on the planet.

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9. Be Nice

Be Nice Road House

Inspired by the wisdom of Dalton, the best bouncer in the business. If you want to properly clean up a nightclub, you need to be nice, until it’s time to not be nice.

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10. Karate Kid - Bolo Photobomb

Bolo Photobomb

Nothing would have made these 2 Reseda lovebirds photo booth session at Golf 'n Stuff better than a visit from Bolo. What you have here is one of the greatest 80s mashups of all time inspired by the Daniel Larusso & Alli "with an i" from Karate Kid along with Bolo from Bloodsport.

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11. Kumite Tournament

Kumite T-Shirt

An imaginary fight event poster style design. Inspired by the iconic matchup between Frank Dux and Chong Li from Bloodsport.

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12. Miyagi's Auto Detailing

Miyagi's Auto Detailing T-Shirt

This business was ideal. Train kids in Karate to demolish their bullies while making coin off their labor. Miyagi's auto detailing business kept Reseda's finest automobiles sparkling with fresh coats of wax. No need to tip the scrawny New Jersey kid.

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13. This One's For You Chappy

Chappy Iron Eagle T-Shirt

We love this Iron Eagle inspired tee. Sure, Col. Charles "Chappy" Sinclair ended up alive after ejecting from his F-16. But when his plane was first hit by anti-aircraft fire, Doug assumed he was gone. Without that emotional event, they probably would have failed their mission. But thankfully, Chappy's "death" led to Doug firing up his super sweet mix on his walkman and blasting the shit out of everything in site and saving his dad. Mission accomplished!

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14. Wolverines!

Red Dawn Wolverines T-Shirt

Inspired by Red Dawn! Don't let the USSR take over your town. All you need is this tee. Wolverines!

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15. Jack Burton's Trucking Co.

Jack Burton's Trucking Co.

It’s all in the reflexes. Sure the Pork Chop Express was Jack’s truck, but this fictitious trucking company is definitely worth hiring when you need the job done right. Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says, “Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.”

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16. Three Storms Tribute

Three Storms T-Shirt

The Storms! Thunder, Lightning and Rain. We would not want anything to do with this trio of elemental masters who serve Lo-Pan. Love this illustration but love their hats even more. Maybe we should sell those hats.

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17. Pork Chop Express

Pork Chop Express Jack Burton T-Shirt

Ok, so even though Jack's truck says "Burton Trucking" right on the door next to the Pork Chop Express logo. Some are sticklers for accuracy. So here is a pretty epic Pork Chop Express design inspired by Big Trouble in Little China.

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18. Sho'nuff's Gym

Sho'nuff's Gym - Last Dragon T-Shirt

Train with the meanest and the baddest at Sho'nuff's gym. Build muscle with the baddest mofo low down around this town. T-Shirt inspired by The Last Dragon. Shonuff!

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19. Whitman, Price and Haddad

Running Man T-Shirt

Inspired by everyone's favorite game show, The Running Man! Whitman, Price and Haddad. Last season's winners. There they are now, basking under the Maui sun.

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20. John Matrix Lumber Co.

John Matrix Commando T-Shirt

Parody tee inspired by Commando. The finest lumber cut by retired special agent John Matrix straight from his secluded mountain home.

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21. Bennett Steam Carpet Cleaning

Let Off Some Steam Bennett Commando T-Shirt

Let off some steam, Bennett! Loving this parody tee inspired by Commando. Pretty sure this place only steam cleans carpets that are as stylish and plush as that Freddie Mercury style chain vest Bennett wore.

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22. Running Man Squad Goals

Running Man Squad Goals T-Shirt

Inspired by The Running Man. We can't think of a better squad to align yourself with than these five. As long as Ben Richards isn't around to ruin your friendships. Fireball, Captain Freedom, Dynamo, Buzzsaw and Subzero.

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23. Hans Bubby I'm Your White Knight

Hans Bubby Die Hard T-Shirt

A subtle tribute to Ellis from Die Hard. Hans, Bubby. I'm Your White Knight! This tee is alsp perfect for those who eat Eurotrash for breakfast.

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24. Remember, Sully

Sully - Commando

Sully should have taken John Matrix’s threats a bit more serious. Instead of living out the rest of the 80s driving Rae Dawn Chong around in that sweet yellow 911 Porsche, he became a permanent fixture of the landscape at the bottom of a canyon.

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25. Vandancing with the Stars

Vandancing With The Stars

What do you get when you mash up the iconic Van Damme kickboxer dance scene with the Dancing with the Stars TV show? Why, Vandancing with the Stars of course!

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And there you have it folks. We hope this list has put you in the mood to go dust off your DVD collection and fire up some of these classics!